Neptunus Hav & Land AB is active within 2 primary fields: 1. Distribution of outdoor and hunting equipment for retailers within the European Union. 2. Equipment and Services for government authorities in Sweden. NHL AB holds ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015. If you want to become a retailer for some of the below presented brands, please contact: | For more information follow this link

PACK RABBIT - Efficient carrying solutions. Packs, Frames and Accessories. Region: EU

PRINCETON TEC - Lights and Illumination for the true outdoor adventure. Region: SWE

BEYOND CLOTHING - Born in the Special Operations Environment. Region: SWE

AQUAMIRA - Water filtration, Treatment and Purification products. Region: SWE

WATERBASICS - Water filtration, Treatment and Purification products. Region: SWE

LALO - Tactical and Athletic shoes/boots for crossfit, obstacle racing, rucking and Tier 1 ops. Region: SWE

GEAR AID - Products for care, fix and repair of
outdoor equipment. Region: SWE

SMITH ELITE OPTICS - Protective eyewear for sports shooting, hunting and tactical use. Region: SWE

MECHANIX - Working gloves for a great variety of harsch environments. Region: SWE